The Best of Take Action Real Estate!

We are celebrating one year of the Take Action Real Estate Podcast!

We hope you all have learned a lot from our podcast so far - we keep learning as we go! We've had some amazing guests come on the podcast and talk with us and give their expert advice on a variety of different topics within real estate investing. It's been so interesting hearing their experiences and the path each of them have taken to begin their real estate journey.

We thank you all for sticking around with us the past year, and we can't wait for another great year of Take Action Real Estate!

Enjoy these clips below of some of our most popular episodes! Each day this week and next week, we will be sharing audio and video clips on Instagram and Facebook highlighting these great episodes. Follow along with us!

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Episode 23: Nailed It! Welcome Special Guest, Ohio Property Brothers’, Brian Hayes

We welcome Brian Hayes, co-owner of Ohio Property Brothers, to this episode. Ohio Property Brothers is a home remodeling general contractor specializing in kitchens and baths. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 35: Short Term Rentals 101 With Nestrs' Sarah and Nick Karakaian

Nestrs power couple Nick and Sarah Karakaian join Brian and John in this episode. This husband and wife real estate investment team offer services such as rental consulting and home organization, with much of their focus now being on their short-term rentals via Airbnb. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 34: We're Talking Insurance and Investing With Special Guest Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford, an insurance agent and friend of ours, joins us in this episode. In addition to that line of work, she also invests in real estate. Rachel provides insight on both her insurance work and real estate investing. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 33: Welcome Special Guest and Wholesaler Brian Jordan

Brian Jordan is a longtime friend of the ours and is a wholesaler. He moved from Dallas to Columbus after starting his own business and has worked on several deals with us during his time in Ohio. Brian Jordan provides advice for wholesalers and shares his unique adventures and what he thinks has made him successful. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 24: Commercial Real Estate Investing With Broker Mike Rodriguez

In this episode, we welcome Mike Rodriguez to talk about investing in commercial real estate. Mike owns rental units and has recently jumped into commercial real estate brokerage. He discusses work/life balance, his infatuation with commercial real estate, and the difference between the deals he does and residential ones. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 31: Brad Clarizio Does It All - Rentals, Flips, and Airbnbs

At 28-years-old, Brad is a young investor who holds rental properties, flips houses, and rents an Airbnb, all while having a full-time job. Brad discusses the opportunities that having a full-time job opens as an investor, but also the problems it can create. We learn about what it is like to be the landlord of an Airbnb, Brad’s processes, and the lessons he has learned about paying for quality. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 26: Real Estate Investing Author, Speaker, and Mentor Brian Urbanski

Brian Urbanski was invited to the podcast to talk about lease options, but his knowledge and experience in “subject to” deals are greatly discussed as well. We have been interested in these areas and learned a lot from conversing with Brian. Listen to this episode here!

Episode 37: Alternative Real Estate Investing Methods With Jim Pfeifer

Jim Pfeifer is back on the show today to talk about a variety of topics with Brian and John. Jim has given up most of his financial advising licenses because of his preference towards alternative investments. He especially likes real estate syndication, so he provides an explanation of it and how exactly he is involved in it. Listen to this episode here!

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