March 29, 2018

TARE’s Tip of the Week

Take Action Real Estate's Quick Tips in Real Estate Investing!

Tip #1, Podcast Episode 1

When negotiating over the phone before seeing a property, make sure to give a price range to the seller.

Tip #2, Podcast Episode 2

Check yourself, and your comps. Find properties that are aligned with what you’re looking for.

Tip #3, Podcast Episode 3

When working with wholesalers, make sure you do your due diligence. Their goal is to get you out to the property. Save yourself some time and get pictures up front. 

Tip #4, Podcast Episode 4

When working with off-market deals, make sure to confirm your appointment the day of. Avoid driving out to the property only to find that nobody is there and you're all alone!

Tip #5, Podcast Episode 6

If the property is occupied by tenants, make sure you get the following information before closing: Find out whether or not there is a lease in place and whether or not the tenant paid a deposit. If they did pay a deposit, make sure to get that from the owner at closing. Find out who pays the utilities as well as who owns the mechanicals at the property. All of this information will help you streamline the leasing process for you and your inherited tenant.

Tip #6, Podcast Episode 7

Reach out to municipalities and get a list of code violations and vacant properties. This will allow you to easily pinpoint owners in distress while helping the city clear up problem properties.

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