July 28, 2018

Episode 8: Apps And Tools We Use To Organize Our Business

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In this episode, Brian and John list the multitude of tools and apps they’re currently using in their business. For some, finding the right tool to fit your needs may be through trial and error. Skip the hassle and listen as Brian and John share what tools they use, what they use it for, and their tips on using them.

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Covered Topics:

  • Tools and apps used in Real Estate

Show Notes:

01:01 – John shares the latest happenings in their real estate work

02:39 – Today’s episode is about tools and apps that Brian and John use in their business

03:33 – The First System: Podio

          - Lead management using Podio

          - Status Report feature

          - How they use Podio with rental leads

          - Podio Extension: Globiflow

10:11 – Using Quickbooks for accounting

          - Letting the CPA dictate how to use it

          - Monthly reporting

          - The downside of accounting apps

14:25 – Buildium for property management

          - The convenience of using Buildium

          - Built-in screening process

17:43 – Google Voice and local phones

18:39 – Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs

18:50 – Dropbox

19:30 – Vumber for call forwarding services

20:38 – Wunderlist for communication between the team

21:12 – Scanner Pro to turn documents into PDF

Topic Takeaways

  • Learn to utilize tools available to you for leverage and convenience.

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