July 28, 2018

Episode 14: How to Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business

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In this episode, Brian and John give tips on how to scale your business. When they first got involved in the real estate business they didn’t imagine they’d grow to have so many properties and employees as quickly as they did, but they kept making the right decisions and continue to grow.

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Covered Topics:

  • How to scale your business.
  • Tools that help scale your business.
  • How to hire the right people and utilize them.
  • Thinking outside the box to grow your business.

Show Notes:

01:02 – What has happened recently.

          - Closed two houses so far this week.

          - Refinancing 12-14 homes.

          - New leads from the title company.

          - Making the office bigger by tearing down a wall.

04:36 – How to scale your business.

05:49 – Tools

          - Moving from Excel to a new CRM system (Podio).

          - How Brian began using Buildium to collect rent.

          - Accounting software such as QuickBooks.

          - Putting the right processes in place.

          - The reasons why the guys stay aware of their processes.

12:18 – Hiring the right people.

          - Brian reflects of the company’s first hire.

          - Using virtual assistants for administrative tasks.

          - What qualities the guys look for in the people they hire.

          - Brian and John’s management style.

17:14 – Moving outside of your comfort zone.

          - Multi-family houses vs. single family houses.

          - Helping other property managers to unearth new business.

          - A recent approach from a local business.

20:20 – Closing remarks.

          - Future episodes and building a new podcast studio.

Topic Takeaways

  • Use the right tools to make your business more efficient.
  • Hire the right people and take responsibility if their productivity is low.
  • Being creative can lead to new business opportunities.

Tweetable Quotes

“Walking through that first house in 2010, it never occurred to me where we would be today with employees, and office space…it’s been an incredible journey.” (Tweet This!)

“It’s about efficiencies. If you can learn to use these tools, you will not have to use nearly as much time on bookkeeping, or on organizing your leads, or dealing with tenants.” (Tweet This!)

“Every time we’ve hired someone, we’ve had more growth.”(Tweet This!)

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