July 28, 2018

Episode 10: Real Estate Investing Financing and Lending 101

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In this episode, Brian and John give an overview of the different ways to fund real estate deals. Though it gets easier to do with more experience, it is still possible to get funding even if you are new to flipping. Listen to find out how to finance your deals, including how the guys got funding for their first projects.

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Covered Topics:

  • Funding real estate
    • Starting from scratch.
    • Funding flipping.
    • Funding rentals.

Show Notes:

00:56 – Closing two deals today and purchasing one.

          - First deal landed in Dayton.

          - Other sales this week.

03:50 – Today’s topic: Financing Deals.

04:26 – How Brian first ventured into real estate.

          - Structuring partnerships.

          - The early partnership structure of Brian and John and its evolution.

          - Having a lack of experience.

          - The ways that Brian and John provide funding for other flippers.

09:26 – Continuing to grow with flipping.

          - Finding more funding opportunities.

          - Using hard money lenders.

          - Establishing a network.

          - Lenders that fall between hard money lenders and banks.

14:09 – Funding rentals.

          - Flipping the house to yourself.

          - The bank’s seasoning period.

          - Loan to cost vs. loan to value.

          - Recourse loan vs. non-recourse loan.

          - Using a lending broker.

Topic Takeaways

  • There are a variety of funding options available no matter what your experience level is.
  • You will access even more funding options as you gain experience and reputation.
  • Establishing a network as your business grows is crucial.

Tweetable Quotes

“If you can show [an investor] that there’s plenty of equity in the property if something goes wrong, and there’s enough of an upside, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t want to invest with you.”  (Tweet This!)

“Once you have a large enough pool of experience and have done some deals together with a few different people, word starts to get out: ‘hey, these people are reliable.’” (Tweet This!)

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