How To Move Past “What If” and Buy Your First Investment Property!

Move Past "What If"

Recently, we read an article about moving past the "what if" scenarios and actually moving forward to buying your first investment property on BiggerPockets that resonated with us and we couldn't agree more!


If you never take a leap of faith and take action with your goals, how will you ever accomplish anything? What's the point of having goals? Use your goals as your drive to make it toward the next step in the bigger picture.

7 Steps

Author Wayne Connell spells out 7 steps that helped guide him through his real estate investing journey to create the life he's been wanting by taking action. One quote that stood out to us was "While it is human nature to be cautious, being overly cautious is perhaps as detrimental to financial security as being reckless." Read on here!

7 Steps to Move Past “What If” and Into Your First Purchase (2)

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