May 9, 2019

Episode 46: Turnkey To Success with Real Estate Investor Dave Payerchin!

Episode 46-1

In today's episode, Brian and John are joined by Real Estate Investor, Dave Payerchin of Columbus Turnkey Houses! Dave has a lot of experience with buying and selling real estate and creating the best team to work with. His desire to always strive for the highest is contagious and hope this episode discussing his knowledge and experience helps you with your real estate journey and to #TakeAction today! Listen now!

The LENN Foundation
Help Dave and his business partner RJ at Columbus Turnkey Houses hit their goal to raise $250,000 for the LENN Foundation! Visit to donate and support an amazing cause.

The LENN Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit helping families who have children with cerebral palsy. They provide financial relief towards children's unmet medical needs that are not covered by private health insurance or government funded programs. Their goal is to give them the quality of life they deserve.

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Covered Topics:

  • Growing Into Real Estate
  • Hiring The Best Team
  • What You Can Do To Prepare For A Market Correction
  • Give Back

Show Notes:


    • Dave introduction
      • How we met
      • Seen Dave doing some deals
      • We’ve sold Dave and RJ a couple houses that didn’t fit our criteria
    • Tell us about yourself
      • How long have you been in real estate
      • How did you get started
      • What was the progression of your investing strategy, what it was when you began, what it is now and what is the reason for the change
        • Flipping
          • How much of this do you do
        • Rentals
          • Do you keep rentals yourself
        • Turn Key
          • What you’re known for
          • How does this strategy work and how did you get started with it
          • Why do you prefer turnkey
    • Hiring
      • How do you decide it is time to hire
      • How do you find new people
      • Managing/empowering employees for success
    • Why did you want to be an entrepreneur
      • What attracted you to this type of lifestyle
      • Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you set out to do
    • Networking and education
      • Dave is always traveling around to different mastermind groups and networking events
      • What is the biggest take away from these events
        • The networking
        • The education
    • What do you see happening in the market


Topic Takeaways

- When hiring, list out everything that person would be doing and think about the qualities those people need to succeed at that position.

- Prepare yourself for a potential market correction.

- Give back to the community and support causes you care about.

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