March 21, 2019


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In this episode, Brian and John welcome Brian Fisher. He has a full-time job and began flipping houses a few years ago. He is excellent at networking, which is how he has managed to find success early in his flipping career. Recently, he has been considering flipping full-time. We hear about Brian Fisher’s social skills including his approach to networking events. He also talks about the ways that he funded his first few real estate deals and what he wants to pursue in the future.

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Covered Topics:

  • The importance of networking.
  • Balancing a full-time job along with flipping and being a father.
  • Brian Fisher’s transition from simple projects into more intricate ones.

Show Notes:

  • 02:24 – Introducing Brian Fisher. 

          - How Brian Fisher met John at a Central Ohio Investor Network event.

  • 04:49 – Brian Fisher’s networking mentality.

          - His full-time job and why it benefits from networking.

  • 07:13 – How Brian Fisher got into real estate.

          - His decision to cash out his pension and start flipping houses in Dayton.

          - Being intimidated by flipping.

          - Selling his first property about fourteen months after purchase.

          - His first flip in Columbus.

  • 12:31 – The balance between having a day job and flipping.

          - Brian Fisher’s typical daily schedule during the week.

  • 14:52 – The three biggest flips that Brian Fisher has done.
  • 16:13 – Deciding to take on more complicated projects.

          - Seeing the properties that other people were making money on.

          - Contractors that Brian Fisher works with preferring to communicate through apps.

          - Where he discovers properties to invest in.

          - Brian Fisher’s experience with wholesale deals and John’s thoughts on them.

  • 24:04 – Brian Fisher’s team.

          - Doing all the on-the-ground work by himself.

          - A connection he made with a lender at a networking event.

  • 27:38 – The plans that Brian Fisher has for the future.

          - Wanting to do more flips and wholesaling.

          - A rental unit that he is considering buying.

  • 29:45 – How Brian Fisher’s daughter fits into his real estate business.

Topic Takeaways

  • Get out there and network.
  • Though Brian Fisher had success while possessing little knowledge regarding laws and permits, you should educate yourself on these before getting involved in flipping.
  • Expect long days if you want to flip while working full-time, but expect an eventual payoff for your hard work too.


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