February 7, 2019

Episode 33: Welcome Special Guest and Local Wholesaler Brian Jordan

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Brian and John welcome Brian Jordan to this episode. He is a longtime friend of the guys and is a wholesaler. He moved from Dallas to Columbus after starting his own business and has worked on several deals with Brian and John during his time in Ohio. Brian Jordan provides advice for wholesalers and shares what he thinks has made him successful. He tells us about his unique adventures, including reporting a woman to the Ohio Division of Real Estate who had stolen a house and was renting it out, as well as a time when he himself was reported by a sour real estate agent.

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Covered Topics:

  • Differences that Brian Jordan has seen in different markets.
  • How to become a better wholesaler.
  • The ways that Brian, John, and Brian Jordan work together on deals.

Show Notes:

  • 01:17 – This week’s events.

          - A few properties that are in contract, including a wholetail deal.

          - Using a new calling program and Calendly.

  • 04:00 – Introducing Brian Jordan.

          - The stories of how Brian and John met Brian Jordan.

  • 07:23 – What Brian Jordan was doing in Dallas before he moved to Columbus.

          - His management work in the nightlife industry and how this led him back into real estate.

          - Leaving his firm to start his own because he wanted a higher commission.

  • 09:58 – Differences that Brian Jordan first saw between Dallas and Columbus.

          - The market in Columbus being about two years behind the one in Dallas.

          - Real estate agents having contrasting qualities.

          - Brian Jordan getting reported to the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

          - Assigning contracts not being allowed in real estate.

  • 15:07 – A story about someone stealing a house and renting it out.

          - Brian Jordan’s investigative work regarding the contract of the house.

          - The reaction from the Division of Real Estate.

  • 19:07 – The first deal that the three guys did done together.

          - The rapid rise of a neighborhood in Columbus.

  • 21:12 – Brian Jordan’s BBQ restaurant business.
  • 25:15 – A recent call to Brian Jordan from someone who wanted to pawn his house.
  • 25:56 – Tips for wholesaling.

          - Realistic comps and estimating repairs.

          - Taking great pictures.

          - Seeing properties on MLS that are missing information.

          - Why someone might use Brian Jordan to buy a property that is already listed on MLS.

          - The fun that the guys have between each other when doing deals together.

  • 32:39 – The profit that Brian and John make versus that profit that Brian Jordan makes on collaborative deals.

          - John waiting until after the handshake to ask Brian Jordan how much he made.

          - Four properties that Brian and John bought in one deal.

          - A tenant that all three of the guys know.

  • 37:21 – A discussion about comps.

          - Comps that the guys see which are done improperly.

          - Brian Jordan’s method of doing comps.

  • 41:31 – Closing remarks.

          - Brian Jordan building an office in Florida and hoping to move there.

          - A final piece of advice about getting into real estate.

Topic Takeaways

  • Doing realistic comps is Brian Jordan’s key to becoming a successful wholesaler.
  • Provide real value to the buyer so that they rather work with you than using MLS directly.
  • There are no successful investors who did just one deal. Get over that hump.

Tweetable Quotes

I have a mentality of doing the right things. If somebody doesn’t want to sell, okay. I’m not going to force you to sell your house. I just move on to the next one.” (Tweet This!)

I cracked the code on how to make a brisket properly and then people loved it, so for me it was like ‘okay. Back to real estate.’ The challenge was complete. Now I’m committed to wholesaling only.” (Tweet This!)

You have to monetize every lead, because you don’t know when the next one is going to come in.” (Tweet This!)


Email Brian Jordan - BrianJCbus@gmail.com

Find out more about Brian's BBQ restaurant HERE



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