How To Make A 6-Figure Income With Airbnb Without Owning Property

Airbnb seems to be everywhere. More and more travelers are choosing to spend the night in someone else’s home or apartment rather than a hotel. You can rent for however long you need to, and can stay with the Airbnb host or have the entire space to yourself – it just depends on the specific Airbnb.

Köp anabola till ett mycket bra pris med leverans över hela Sverige.

It costs significantly less than a hotel room and usually, you’ll get more space. With its exponential growth since its start in 2008, why wouldn’t you want to invest in Airbnb?

If you aren’t able to purchase a home or apartment to run your Airbnb, that’s just fine. Do you rent somewhere? You can rent out your landlord’s max drol rental! And it’s 100% legal.

If you are a renter you can potentially make 3x the amount your landlord is making off of you if you rent your space through Airbnb. It’s definitely a situation you would have to discuss with your landlord and be upfront and honest about, however once you find a landlord who is on board, you’re set to take off.

This article from BiggerPockets discusses the topic if Airbnb Arbitrage and it gives you a basic outline on how you can get started with this kind of investing. It’s absolutely genius. One of our guests on the podcast, Brad Clarizio, discussed in his episode how his girlfriend has become a real estate investor by renting out her rented apartment through Airbnb. Check out this episode here!

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