March 17, 2018

About Us

Why are we doing all of this?

     We created Take Action Real Estate: the website, podcast, created tutorials, wrote blogs and put all all of this together to help YOU. We want to share our experiences and knowledge and help you get started without making the same mistakes we did.

      John has always been active on online networking forums. Due to that and networking constantly, he has a stream of investors contacting him for advice. "I simply ran out of time to help them all and respond individually. I really wanted to start this so we could help these investors." 

Brian Rightler John Horner Core Developements
  • 2013
    Did Our First 2 Deals Together  

    2013 - Where we started

    Brian was having a hard time finding deals on the MLS. John had a couple wholesale deals when he was getting started. Brian had funds and John was finding deals.  

  • 2014
    Flipped/Wholesaled 14 Properties  

    2014 - A Partnership Grows

    In 2014, we shared marketing expenses and started wholesaling deals together. Brian funded and managed the rehabs and we split the profit on flip deals.

  • 2015
    Completed 19 deals  

    2015 - Formed A Partnership

    In 2015, We purchased our first rental property! We acquired 9 units: a 4plex and 5 single families to hold as rentals. We also flipped 13 Houses. John was able to quit his day job mid year and we leased a small 1 room office for us to work out of.

take action about your story

Have a hard lesson learned in real estate investing?

Everyone's story of how they took action and found success is different. We would love to hear yours! Reach out to us if you would like to guest post on Take Action Real Estate!